Jade Sylvan is a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor who teaches mindful, flow-based yoga with a focus on individual body awareness and exploration.

Jadee teaches a weekly class, Yoga for Poets, at The Breathing Room in Cambridge, MA, as well as private lessons and workshops. To schedule a private session, contact Jade.


“I didn’t have a lot of experience with yoga and had found myself a little embarrassed in a couple of beginners classes, feeling like I was struggling to keep up without really knowing what I was doing.  At the end I’d be sore and defeated, both mentally and physically.  Then I took a class with Jade.  She led us through the intricacies of each pose as if we were doing them for the first time (which in a lot of cases, I was).  Her focus is less on performing a perfect string of poses and more on exploration of the individual body, with the understanding that each has its idiosyncrasies and its own work to do.  I leave each class with Jade feeling more and more finely attuned to my body, and not physically wrecked — but challenged and invigorated.” – Jamei Bauer, Veterinary Technician

“Jade put together a sequence of poses to help with my specific goals, concerns, and body type. She really listened to my needs and guided me in a gentle and encouraging way. She has a keen eye and will help correct poses and make them safe. I highly recommend her for one-on-one or group yoga sessions.”  - Samantha Milowsky, Technology Consultant

“Jade Sylvan is a grounded, dedicated teacher who I fully recommend. As a beginner often intimidated by yoga and yoga teachers, Jade was very helpful in getting me started and walking me through the exercises.”  - Michael F. Gill, Librarian

“What really impressed me about Jade as a yoga teacher was how clear her explanations of confusing yoga postures and moves were. With a few easy images and simple words she coaxed my body into optimal alignment, almost effortlessly. I’ve been taking yoga classes for a while and that’s something few teachers achieve. Also she brings her humility to the mat: I can tell she’s not just a master lecturing and teaching at me but a fellow practitioner I can relate to. She’s real!” – Lucie Monroe, Energy Healer

“Jade got me into yoga and being fit, and I’m the laziest pizza-eating sonofabitch this side of the Charles when it comes to that stuff.” – Meghan Chiampa, Web Designer